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BMS Update

We continue to get membership enquiries and progress update requests, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to give an update here.

As you might expect, the Covid19 pandemic has had a huge impact on our activities to get the shed up and running. From the mothballing of funding stream applications to carrying out the renovation works required in the shed. That being said we have been beavering away, just very slowly under the restrictions the lockdown has placed upon us.

We’ve cleared some major hurdles during the last couple of months including the complete clearance of the yard area (which will become the Blyth Man Shed garden/allotment area). We have also cleared the shed of it contents and one of the biggest achievements to date has to be the replacement of the shed roof. This now gives us a watertight, secure and weather proof premises for all our shedding activities.

Over the next few weeks there will be further core activities going on at the shed, and we’ll update this blog as and when these key tasks have been completed.

In other news… Despite the restriction’s lockdown places upon us, we have managed to develop a small income stream with the sale of kindling. Demand for our kindling took us by surprise and we initially struggled to keep up with demand. We’ve now sorted that out and continue to supply our net bags in the Blyth area with all proceeds from the sales going directly back into the Blyth Man Shed project.

We’re still a little way off accepting members, so were asking anyone interested in becoming a member to email us at with their contact details or text us on 07821 536 141 and once we’re ready to open the gates and begin the serious work of ‘Shedding’, one of the team will be in contact.

That’s all for now. Until our next update, stay safe!